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How do you think if the French Republic today demand sovereignty over Vatican, due to once the Emperor of French once rule over there? (2/2)

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The relation between Tibet & China, is similar to this imaginary scenario. Papal States, once accepted the rule of Napoleon France, as the emperor declared he would protect & promote Catholicism. (1/2)

Just check now the date is "to be announced". So UK parliament kowtow again?

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The currently has a Second Reading scheduled for 5 February 2021.

The Bill seeks to have considerations mandatory in reaching any trade agreement in relation the , and also a reopening of BNO applications to .

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[email protected]@twitter.com, on David Perry QC prosecuting Jimmy Lai and other activists for gov: would be "serious PR coup" in Beijing's eyes & "pretty mercenary" to take up such a case. "No doubt" that it can be resisted under Bar Code of Ethics @[email protected]

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HKAF is on MeWe now!

Do follow us on your preferred channels and receive the latest updates of the 49th Hong Kong Arts Festival!

Click here: mewe.com/p/hkartsfestival

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US inauguration

UK ambo in Washington Karen Pierce will go for UK gvt.

Keir Starmer confirms no-one going for Labour (because, he says, of travel restrictions)

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Joyful scenes on an Italian metro, as an opera chorus bursts into song.

(via Ferrovia Circumetnea - Metropolitana di Catania)

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"Sometimes, one or another of us would faint. If she didn’t come round, a guard would yank her to her feet and slap her awake. If she collapsed again, he would drag her out of the room, and we’d never see her again. Ever." theguardian.com/world/2021/jan

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It’s been confirmed that Capitol Police Officer Howard Liebengood died by suicide. He was among those who responded to Jan. 6 riot at Capitol. This statement is from police union.

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