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好象不活跃了啊,3 周没来。

@MoriarT3a @kodam No, The best way to get it into real, I think, is to leave a message to the admin of mastodon.xyz.

@yookoala @chainsawriot 我们都是长毛象。😁

@admin @jiangcf 报到,倒是大陆的实例没去报到。

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I'm trying to predict what will happen to Mastodon if marketing people start noticing it. Creating accounts across the entire network isn't difficult when every instance is listed. Will instances start banning advertisers? What about corporations who don't advertise but engage with their customers? What about people who talk positively about corporations? Where do you draw the line? Will we see corporate instances with inline advertising?

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@kodam You may need a site to check ip of the server is belong to which country.

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Like no shit, early adoption at such an explosive growth rate will have significant growing pains. Watch as random instances die off and questions are asked about why data migration wasn't prioritised as a feature, from the very same people who didn't contribute any funding or time to solving those very problems.

This happens in every project of open source nature that is successful because of how humans naturally behave. Let's see if the outcome is a little better than usual this time. 😉

@kodam You may need a site to check ip of the server is belong to which country.

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[email protected][email protected]数の推移(2017年4月11日~4月22日13時51分まで)をグラフにしてみました。4月22日13時51分現在、mstdn.jpはユーザー数84310人で首位、2位のPawooのユーザー数は76588人となっています。
friends.nicoも順調にユーザー数を伸ばしており、もう少しでユーザー数が5桁(4月22日13時51分現在、ユーザー数9551人)に到達しそうです。こちらも、これからの動向が気になるところです。 mstdn.jp/media/Hdy5D71y4J75IIx

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Any of instances.mastodon.xyz/list which count of users is less than 100. Or g0v.social which users are mostly taiwanese.

@siuying 这个,就是觉得太贵了。初学者没多少判断力,如果是面对打破天花板的,多贵都没关系。

@yookoala @siuying 一支穿云箭,千军万马来相见。

@yookoala @siuying 哈哈,挺有意思呀!

@siuying 听上去不错,把大家的注意力都拖过来。

@siuying tweet 是“推”,toot 可以“拖”。哈哈。

unlisted = private but visible to unfollowed people
private = private and invisible to unfollowed people

both are private

@siuying @yookoala 谢谢两位~ 明白了。

@siuying @yookoala 隐私设置是发 toot 时的默认设置。看来是我误会了。这个 unlisted 很搞啊。